Annual Report

Welcome to the Ganapathy chettiar vidyalaya cbse School Annual Report – 2019, a platform to communicate directly with all of you, our respected Guests, Well wishers, Benefactors, Parents, staff members and students. With delight I present this Annual Report which enumerates the labour of love, activities and achievements of the school during the academic year 2019-2020. Our enrolment has an upward trend, reaching nearly a three hundred students this year as more and more parents flock to this temple of learning making Ganapathy chettiyar vidyalaya as the first-choice for their wards.

Academic : The Academic Journey, 2019-2020 of GCVCS with our Staff, began when the old and the new staff members met together for the annual institution planning on 14th May 2019. We bade farewell to our new staff who joined the institution this year. We wish them well in their respective responsibilities.

Our pupils of Class I to VII walked into the school with new energy and enthusiasm to commence the new academic year filled with new dreams and surprises, on 6th June 2019 and were warmly welcomed at the school assembly and then initiated into the entire year’s programme by their class teachers.

Staff Development Programmes: Professional on-going learning of the staff is a key for quality teaching-learning at Ganapathy chettiar vidyalaya as it is the core of all that we do. This has ensured the development of skills, knowledge and understanding of the curriculum and current trends in teaching and learning. The staff participated in a variety of professional learning opportunities. Before the new academic year commenced, the entire staff had a day’s session on “Classroom Management” by the Vice Principal and another day on “Innovative methods of teaching” by our Principal . Twelve  staff members are undergoing a year-long training programme “English Encounters” by Correspondent.

Education for Growth of the Inner Spirit: Daily Morning Prayer and assembly is one of several important and good practices we have at GCVCS. Each class prepares well for it with a specific theme with motivational thoughts/talks, abbreviation, G.K , Thirukkural , Current affairs and news.

GCVCS has always created an open and loving atmosphere within and around its campus, where all are respected and loved. In this era of doubt and communal disharmony, we help our students to live in love and harmony respecting one another’s faith and beliefs by celebrating in a grand manner the major religious festivals like Ramzaan, Diwali , Pongal and Christmas with meaningful prayer services thereby fostering unity and tolerance.

Academic Excellence and Intellectual Enhancement: True Education means training in excellence, which makes a person passionately desire to be a perfect citizen. We believe that learning takes place all the time and everywhere. The guided library period every week awakens in them a taste to value books and creates a desire to read good books, and not just depend on the internet for their assignments. Every exposure/interaction is an opportunity to learn, only if we are interested in improving and exploring.

Competitions and activities organized offer opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, individual and group responsibility and a sense of culture and community. Extracurricular activities provided a channel for reinforcing the lessons learned in the classroom in a real-world context, and are thus considered an integral part of a well-rounded education. Realizing this, opportunities were provided to students to take part in a number of activities and competitions-both intra and inter school. A Quiz competition was conducted for Our Students of grade V , VI & VII  by Our Principal at school premises. Essay writing, Elocution and Folk Dance solo competitions gave our children a platform to display their talents and abilities.

The Sr.KG children celebrated Krishna Jayanti enthusiastically and it was a delight to see the little ones with flower baskets in hand, preparing the beautiful flower carpet along with their teachers at the entrance of the school. Their Green Day celebration was exciting and purposeful.

The Jr.KG children celebrated Colour display, nature observation, Apple crushed activity and vegetable print with the help of their teachers.

We conducted Hand washing and nail cutting activity for our kindergarten students for the purpose of cleanliness.

Love and respect for their teachers and mentors was highlighted by our students at a programme organized creatively by the School Cabinet on 5th September – Teachers’ Day, The Staff put up an excellent show of their talents and entertained the children on the occasion of Children’s day which was celebrated on 14th November.

We celebrated in a simply manner National Day such as Independence Day , Republic Day  and the World Environmental Day at our school campus along with our student and staffs support.

Experiential Learning through Club Activities:  At GCVCS, we believe that extra-curricular activities greatly enrich the school experience of our students. The students can gain skills that may develop into lifelong leisure pursuits through various Clubs like Eco Cub, Science Club, Fine Arts Club, Literary Club, Health and Wellness Club and Young Global Citizen’s. We also provide a vast range of additional programs to support the students’ academic, social, cultural and physical development. These include Karate, Dance and Music which are conducted by expert coaches. We showed Magic show and art craft show for our students to develop their co-curricular activities.

We conducted science exhibition in school premises to expose our students creativity, interest and innovative of science and also celebrated tree planting ceremony with our management and planted 30 sapling in our school campus. The school premises was cleaned up by our students for the celebration of Environmental day.

Towards Sports and Games Championship: Sports and Games are a great way for students to develop skills, achieve goals, learn cooperation, and stay physically fit. Hence, we have allotted regular periods for games activities, mass P.T. exercises and Yoga classes. We have conducted sports such as Running , Volley ball , obstacle race and KHO – KHO for our students grade of  I – VII at school premises.

Health Care for a Healthy Personality: A thorough health check up was conducted and also vaccinated of diphtheria our students by Government Hospital on August 2019. The polio drop and iron and albendazole pill was given to our students by the Government Hospital. Eye examination has been conducted by Vasan Eye Care on 30.01.2020 for our students who had problems were directed to the hospital for further treatment.

PTA : Learning occurs most effectively within a supportive school environment. Towards this end, open House meetings are held regularly to discuss the study habits of students with the parents and to sign the achievement records.

Work in progress: You are aware that GCVCS is growing steadily with rapid increase in strength which has necessitated the construction of a spacious Auditorium for the multifarious school activities and classrooms to house the Kindergarten and lower primary and boundary for safe and secure to all students. The construction work is in progress. We thank our Management for undertaking the responsibility for the construction of this new edifice; we earnestly appeal to our esteemed guests, well wishers and parents to continue to join hands with us in the successful completion of this project.

Conclusion and Thanks: Friends, as we build upon our many accomplishments across our campus, we thank you for your continued support to us at Ganapathy Chettiar Vidyalaya. Your support truly energizes us, ensures our future success, and allows us to prepare an increasing number of students for enriched lives for the society. We remain grateful to all the parents for reposing their unparalleled trust in us which propels us to march ahead with greater commitment and enthusiasm.

With God’s grace and guidance, and under the maternal care of our patroness, we hope to move forward with our priorities—innovation in our educational programmes, intellectual ambitions and globalization in education. Let us truly stand poised to enter a glorious third year for the School. May Almighty God bless each one of us and help us in translating our dreams, as our school motto directs – Higher and Nobler always.